Taking the step to end your marriage is emotionally draining. Faced with more than just a future without your partner, you have uncertainties about your financial security, your relationship with your children, and what life can be like on your own.

Divorce Lawyer in Jacksonville FLSummer Nichols strives to relieve some of those uncertainties by building a clear picture of the options available to you and the potential outcomes. We support you throughout all aspects of divorce, including child custodysupport and alimony, property and asset division, same-sex divorce, and with enforcement and modification of arrangements as needed.

Divorce is one of the most sensitive and complex areas of the law, requiring an experienced legal partner. The divorce lawyers at Summers Nichols Law Firm have been supporting Jacksonville families for almost 10 years, and are ready to do the same for you.

Types of Divorce

There are almost as many types of divorce as there are types of relationships. From uncontested to collaborative to contested, there are varying levels of legal support and involvement required to effectively sever the relationship.

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce only occurs when both parties are in agreement regarding all aspects of the split, including support, distribution of assets, and time-sharing. If you are being presented with the opportunity for an uncontested divorce, it is in your best interests to meet with an attorney who can review the agreement and ensure you are protected during the proceedings. We support you throughout the entire process or can step in to assist at any time you are having trouble, either with paperwork or negotiation.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is becoming more and more popular. Each spouse is represented by a different attorney, however much of the discussion is handled in the negotiation room rather than the courtroom. Each party is required to work together honestly, respectfully, and in good faith to find working solutions. With a collaborative divorce, if either party chooses to litigate, or if a final agreement is unable to be reached, both attorneys must resign from the case. This is to ensure that the attorneys don’t stand in the way of finding amicable results in order to profit from going to trial.

Contested Divorce

Sometimes, relationships have reached a point where collaboration is no longer an option. Either communication has completely broken down or the parties simply can’t agree on a fair solution. Their case is then taken before a judge who will have the final decision regarding all aspects of the divorce. During a contested divorce is when a skilled divorce attorney can provide the most support. Summer Nichols works to reduce your stress by providing their extensive legal expertise to work for you.

Equitable Distribution of Assets/Debts

Equitable Distribution refers to the apportioning of all marital assets and debts at the conclusion of a marriage, including real property, homes, businesses, vehicles, personal property, and household items. In Florida, there is a presumption that all marital assets and debts be split evenly (50/50%) between the parties, however there are some exceptions to this rule.

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