Did you know there is a Duval County Court approved website that allows parents to share information online regarding their parenting schedules, school events, keep track of child support and medical expenses, etc.? The website iswww.OurFamilyWizard.com.

Judge Karen Cole, 4th Circuit, Duval County Family Law Judge, recently ordered the parties in one of my paternity actions to utilize this website when the Court found that offical parenting coordination with a local parenting coordinator was likley not an affordable or practical option for the parties, as one party lives out of state and is currently receiving only unemployment compensation.

The website seems to me to be a convenient and much less costly alternative to official parenting coordination. At any rate, it is worth a shot. The site allows you to sign a 1 year contract for only $99, and a 2 year contract for only $179; in most cases this expense could be shared equally between the parties. Plus, your attorneys and any other professionals involved in your case are permitted to access your account on the website for free.

An account on this website is obviously a great way to keepevidence of missed parenting time, late arrivals, offers of additional parenting time, notifications of school functions and doctor’s appointments, unreimbursed medical expenses owed, etc. organized and available for any future court hearing or trial.

For more information, visit the website listed above, email them atinfo@OurFamilyWizard.comor call them toll free at 1.866.755.9991.

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