Court CANNOT Order Restrictions on Religious Upbringing Unless Harm Shown…Each Parent Has the Right to Have Their Child Participate in the Religion of Their Choosing

A court does not have the power to order restrictions on parents regarding religious upbringing, subject to harm to child shown.

For instance, inPierson v. Pierson, 1D14-79 (Fla. 2014), the children of divorcing parents had been raised Cathoic their entire lives, however, the Father became a Jehova’s Witness during the divorce proceedings and involved his children in that religion.

I love this part — at one Catholic Sunday school class, the 9 year child told the teacher that music was wrong, the priests were bad, they were using the wrong Bible, and there was no heaven.

Despite this, the Court found that having confused children regarding religion was not sufficient reason to interfere with a parent’s Constitutional right to direct their children’s religious upbringing, even if the parents’ choices of religion clash.

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