If you are a Florida parent with a previous court order in place regarding custody/parenting time andare considering relocating more than 50 miles away, it is imperative to seek an attorney’s assistance due to the strict relocation rules Florida maintains.

Section 61.13001, Florida Statutes, requires that a Notice of Intent to Relocate be filed prior to any relocation. Importantly, there are many detailed requirements to adhere to and ifeven one requirement is not met within the drafting of the Notice or Petition, your entire case could be DISMISSED. For instance, the statute requires one particular provision contain the exact statutory wording and be in caps and bold font in order for the Notice/Petition to be valid.

Florida no longer has a presumption that relocation is not in the best interest of your child, sodo not ruin what could be a good chance of having your relocation granted by failing to properly comply with this detailed procedure. A family law attorney knows the rules and will ensure your relocation case is properly filed.

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